Advanced Dispensary Certification

This course is designed for future and current budtenders.  After taking this course, you will have a deep understanding about the budtender profession.  Budtenders are an essential part of a dispensary team and are crucial to the success of any dispensary.  By knowing the best practices of Cannabis, along with the science of Cannabis, our students will effectively communicate the best products for each individual client. This course will cover everything from the history of the Cannabis plant, to landing a job in the Cannabis industry.




  • What is a Budtender
  • Introduction to Cannabis
    • History of Cannabis
    • The Resurgence of Cannabis in Western Medicine
  • Legality of Cannabis
    • Federal Legality
    • State Cannabis Programs
  • Cannabis Supply Chain
    • Cultivation
    • Processing
    • Testing
    • Packaging / Labeling
    • Deliveries
    • Dispensaries
  • Pharmacology of Cannabis
    • Cannabis Botany
    • General Classification
    • Species and Subspecies of Cannabis
    • Phenotypes 
    • Chemovars
    • Cannabinoids 
    • Entourage Effect
    • Case Studies
  • Dosing and Administration
    • Forms
    • Dosages
    • Dosing Considerations
  • Safety and Effects
    • General Risks 
    • Common Side Effects 
    • Adverse Side Effects 
    • Potential Interactions with Cannabis 
    • Stability and Storage
  • Eligibility Requirements
    • State Cannabis Programs
    • Qualifying Medical Conditions
    • Considerations for Qualifying Conditions
    • Patient Eligibility
    • Patient Certification Process
    • Certification Limits
    • Certifying Providers
  • Customer Relationship Management
    • Dispensing of Cannabis
    • Ethical Considerations 
  • Budtender Positions
    • Preparation
    • Applications
    • Getting Hired
  • Conclusion

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