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Become an expert in cultivation with the Cannabis Cultivation Certification! Learn to produce bountiful trichome yields and cultivate formidable compound profiles. Understand the necessary soils to cultivate strong, high yield plants. Be the EXPERT with our Cannabis Cultivation Certification!


Become certified as a Commercial Cannabis Extractor, and create your own, new formulations! With this inclusive extraction course, you'll be able to know what biomass to extract, choose an appropriate extraction method and refinement form, and understand the legal safeguards regarding extraction production and manufacturing.


Learn how to level the competition and land a position as an Advanced Dispensary Budtender! The cannabis industry is flooded with a competitive talent pool. Don't be the one who's resume ends up in the paper shredder. Enroll today in the Advanced Dispensary Certification!


Utilize the Medical Cannabis Clinician Course to effectively prepare for cannabis clinician testing. Each state requires different clinical tests. The course prepares clinicians with an inclusive program for an affordable price.


Clinician Approved

Why do I cover some of the history of Cannabis in my consultations? I have been asked this several times. We have limited time per consultation. Why spend some of it talking about history? It really depends on the patient. Explaining the history of Cannabis is a tool that helps legitimize the medicinal use of Cannabis in the patient’s mind. I tailor the amount of history given in the consultation to the patient. Time matters, that's why at MJ Training Solutions we use strategic learning principles to offer you the best "bang for your buck" and time. - Cannabis Pharmacist

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Commercial Cannabis Extraction Certification

This course teaches the fundamentals of Cannabis extraction necessary for working in a commercial cultivation facility.

Advanced Dispensary Certification

The Advanced Dispensary Certification prepares you with all the tools needed to be a successful budtender in the Cannabis industry!

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