Medical Cannabis Clinician Course

Cannabis is an amazing plant with many medical benefits. Medical cannabis has helped numerous patients with a variety of medical conditions. As of July 2020, there are over 4 million patients registered in state sanctioned medical cannabis programs, which does not include all the patients self-medicating illegally or in recreational markets. This course will give you a foundation of Cannabis knowledge and then discuss the essential clinical considerations needed to make appropriate patient recommendations.


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Introduction to Medical Cannabis

  • History of Cannabis
  • The Resurgence of Cannabis in Western Medicine
  • Legality of Cannabis

Pharmacology of Cannabis

  • Cannabis Botany
  • General Classification
  • Species and Subspecies of Cannabis
  • Phenotypes
  • Chemovar
  • Cannabinoids

Dosing and Administration

  • Forms and Dosages
  • Dosing Considerations
  • Other Considerations

Safety and Effects

  • General Risks
  • Common Side Effects
  • Adverse Effects
  • Potential Interactions with Cannabis
  • Stability and Storage

Eligibility Requirements

  • The Maryland Cannabis Program
  • Qualifying Medical Conditions for Maryland Patients
  • Considerations for Qualifying Conditions
  • Patient Eligibility
  • Patient Certification Process
  • Certifying Limits and Certifying Providers

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